The International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan'11


International exchange of soil and flame
-From You, From Now, From Here. -

Honorary Chairman

His Imperial Highness, Prince Katsura

Executive Committee President

Governor of Gifu Prefecture Hajime Furuta

Executive Committee Chairman

Mayor of Tajimi City Masanori Furukawa

General producer of International Ceramics Festival'11 Mino, Japan Executive Committee

Toshinori Kamiya


International Ceramics Festival Mino, Executive Committee Office

Period of Exhibition

September 16 (Fri.) to October 23 (Sun.), 2011 for 38 days


Ceramics Park MINO,Tajimi city,Toki city,Mizunami City

Admission Fees

  Advance Doors
Adults 1,000yen 1,200yen
Senior(65 and over) 800yen 1,000yen
Discount for groupe 750yen 950yen
Passport during the exhibition period 2,500yen 3,000yen

Project Outline

Main Projects
  • The 9th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
  • Mino Craft Fair
  • Food Arrangement Contest with Mino Ceramic Ware ~Ki ki kai kai~
  • Originating from the Capital of Ceramics: PR with Ceramic Pins
  • Mosaic Biennale' 11 (Exhibition Tour)
  • Junior Ceramics Festival 2011
  • Limited Period Only: "Extra Special" Home of Minoyaki Tour
  • Gourmet Food and Local Japanese Sake from the Home of Mino Ceramic Ware "Appreciating the Food and Dishes"
  • Mino Ryoran ~ Fire Your Work in a Climbing Kiln ~
  • Night Museum ~ Akari Art Exhibition ~
  • The Big Mino Ceramic Ware Market
  • Welcome Mall ~ Anagura Yokocho ~
  • Exploring the History of Minoyaki ~1300 years of Minoyaki ~
  • Original Sweets Served on Minoyaki ~ Cafe "Ka ki ku ke ko" ~
  • Clay that Spoke to Hearts through Hands -Art Brut Mino
  • Sarawariyakushinsai
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Evaluation and Business Talk for Mino Ceramics Ware ~Red Carpet by End Users~

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The International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan Executive Committee

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Sponsored by

Japan Association for the Promotion of Pottery Industry/Japan Institute of Design Promotion/ Japan Pottery Design And Technical Center /Japan Craft Design Association/ Japan Industrial Designers’ Association / Japan Interior Architects / Designer's Association/The Pottery Design Organization of Japan/ Japan Pottery Design and Technique Protection Council /The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/Gifu Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute/Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center/ Mizunami City Ceramic Industrial Technical Laboratory/Toki City Ceramic Laboratory Ceratechno Toki /Tono Seibu Broader-based Local Government Clerical Work Union

Subsidized by

Tohoh Seibu Furusato Kasseika Kikin/ Toshin Cooperation Fund for Regional Development/ Japan Agricultural Touto/ Chubu Electric Power Co, Inc Tajimi Branch/The Juroku Bank, Ltd/Tajimi Rotary Club/ West Tajimi Rotary Club/Tajimi Riverside Rotary Club/Tajimi lions Club/The Kao Foundation for Arts and Science/Nomura Foundation