Major Activities

Event for Children

Event for Children

There are lots of different events for children, including exhib its, shows, and workshops.
Work training experience
Before the event, art pieces made from mosaic tiles were solicited from local elementary and junior high school students. These are shown throughout the event period, as exhibits and venue decorations.
Food education LIVE
In recent times, fewer people are eating with proper tableware, as ready-made fast food or other food wrapped in paper becomes more common. A show will be held to rediscover the charm of tableware, with Akira Miyake, owner of Yugetsu, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Tajimi City that specializes in eel dishes, invited as a guest lecturer. Cooking classes will also be held to teach Japanese dishes that can easily be made in the home.
Hands-on pottery glazing (¥300 per participant)
Participants can get creative and try their hand at glazing a variety of tile shapes. The pieces will be fired on the spot using special electric kilns.

”Cerart” workshop (pottery folded crane) (¥800 per participant)
Create a ceramic folded crane using special paper and mud. Time is required for firing, so the finished pieces may be picked up on a subsequent day, or mailed.
Tile coaster workshop (¥500 or ¥800 per participant)
Create your own original coaster by using specialized tools to cut tiles and apply them to a wooden coaster. Two types of course are offered, to give younger children a chance to make their own.