Privacy Policy

The Executive Committee of the International Ceramics Festival, Mino (hereafter to be referred to as “The Executive Committee”) recognizes that as organizers of the “International Ceramics Festival” they have a social responsibility and a duty to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information and have therefore established the following Personal Information Privacy Policy.

1 Acquisition of Personal Information

When gathering personal information, the Executive Committee will specify why the information is required and will gather only necessary information in a fair and legal manner. All personal information gathered will only be used or provided in accordance with the previously defined purposes.

2 Handling of Personal Information

(1)Use within the specified bounds.

The Executive Committee confirms that any personal information that is acquired in accordance with Point No. 1 will only be used within the previously agreed bounds, unless otherwise agreed with the entrant. Personal Information acquired by the Executive Committee will be used for the following purposes.

  • In information regarding “The International Ceramics Festival, Mino”, as sponsored by the Executive Committee.
  • For uses as explicitly specified when the personal information was obtained.
  • When required by law or in order to comply with the instructions or directives etc from relevant authorities.

(2)Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Executive Committee will not disclose or offer personal information to a third party without the express agreement of the entrant. However, personal information may be provided to contracted parties if necessary to achieve the previously specified purposes of use. If personal information is provided to a contracted third party, the Executive Committee will request that the information is managed appropriately and will provide adequate supervision to ensure this is so.

(3)About Cookies 

In order to analyze website access and usage, distribute advertisements, and improve the convenience of the website, the Executive Committee may obtain cookies and similar technologies that are stored in the information communication terminals of users who access the website. 
The Executive Committee may associate cookies, etc. with your personal information.
The Executive Committee will manage such cookies, etc. in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, taking into consideration that the cookies, etc. associated with your personal information are your personal information. In addition, the Executive Committee provides cookies and other information to a data management platform operated by a third party. And the Executive Committee may obtain the web browsing history collected by cookies, etc. and the results of analysis thereof from such third party, and may use such information for the purpose of delivering advertisements, etc. after linking it with the personal data of the user.

(4)About SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 

The Executive Committee’s website is SSL-compatible, which encrypts communications between web browsers and web servers. Personal information entered by users, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, is automatically encrypted.

(5)Appropriate control of Personal Information

The Executive Committee has taken appropriate safety measures to ensure that the personal information can not be accessed by unauthorized persons, or lost, destroyed, falsified, or leaked etc. Also, staff members, such as those responsible for the care of personal information work hard to ensure the personal information is protected completely and continue to advance the education of staff members regarding the importance of the protection of personal information.

(6)Disclosure, revision or deletion of personal information.

The Executive Committee strives to keep the personal information of clients as up to date and as accurate as possible. When information such as revisions or cancellations is received from clients, prompt and appropriate action will be taken.

3 Compliance with laws and ordinances and continuos improvement

The Executive Committee is striving to continue improving their handling of personal information, while complying with laws, directives and various regulations etc. This policy will be updated to reflect the details of any improvements made as necessary.