Outline of Exhibition

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This contest is intended to give us the opportunity to reflect upon the traditions associated with ceramics, which is a large and vital activity that has extended over the past 10,000 years. It is of great importance
that we renew our knowledge of the spirit and existence of ceramics through a study of its history.

Outstanding pottery represents the discovery of beauty in and application of spirit to objects which were originally produced with no particular consideration of these qualities. Even in the simplest of bowls, we
can recognize something extraordinary, feel the color, experience a profound tactile sensation; shapes that are neither magnificent nor strongly impressive in themselves can present us with a glimpse of the
universe. Excellent ceramics that fit right into desires and lifestyles of people yet suggest innovative ideas hold the vitality that continues to shine timelessly.

Now that we are in the 21st century, we face an age of mass production, mass consumption, new materials, and new technologies. And we question ourselves. In which direction will the strong waves of our times sweep the spirit and existence of ceramics? Will creative powers be lost before the onslaught of technological achievement? Will we come to deny the warm humanity that connects and looks gently over people living everyday lives? We commit ourselves to making the International Ceramics Exhibition
Mino, Japan, the site of a glimpse into a future blessed with creativity, backed by the ultimate in technical sophistication, and with the unlimited potential of humanity.


“The International Ceramics Exhibition Mino, Japan” is the main event of the “International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan,” which is held with the aim of supporting the growth of the ceramics industry and the enhancement of culture through the global exchange of ceramics design and culture. This is the 13th international ceramics competition since the first one was held in 1986.

Each competition is judged by a panel of distinguished judges from around the world, and entries are received from various countries. In the last competition, we had amazing 2,435 entries from 1,292 applicants coming from 64 countries and areas around the world. The scale and high quality made our ceramics competition truly the representative of the world today.

About 200 excellent works, selected from the competition, will be exhibited at Ceramics Park MINO in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture from October to November 2024. We hope to welcome as many guests as possible to view the competition, not only from Japan, but also from all over the world.

Recently, new developments have been required in the ceramics field with new materials, new technologies, and moves towards more borderless in the domain. We look for entries that suggest us more unconventional ideas and open the door to the future of the ceramics.

International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan
Executive Committee