International Ceramics Festival ’14 MINO,Japan took place

The 10th International Ceramics Festival Mino, JAPAN took place over 38 days, between September 12th and October 19th, 2014.
In commemoration of the 10th festival since the first festival was held in 1986, we were pleased to introduce her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino as the Honorary President.
The festival took place smoothly, like the gears of a well-oiled machine, integrating the traditional and well known 'International Ceramics Festival Mino' and numerous attractive exhibitions promoting industrial products in a very lively event. We will introduce some scenes from the events.

The 10th International Ceramics Competition Mino, JAPAN Exhibition

state of the venue
Venue / Ceramics Park MINO, Exhibition Hall
This is a world-wide competition held with the aim of promoting the further development of ceramic industry and culture through the intentional exchange of ceramic design and culture. Works suggesting innovative ideas and exploring the future of ceramics were collected not only from Japan but also from all over the world.

Scenes From The Last Event(Promoting Industrial Products)

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Food, Ceramic Ware & Music

We had an event introducing how to enjoy Minoyaki with a food court in front of a music stage where various artists gathered together, using the whole space of the Roof Plaza of the Ceramics Park MINO.
A workshop called "Let's Find a Forest Fairy! A Fun Painting Experience" by Adachi Nami, picture book illustrator, was held on the same day.In this workshop, the applicants could walk the promenade with the artist and look for the motif of a forest fairy while experiencing painting on ceramics.  

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Cool Avant-Garde MINO - Move the World, Pioneers of MINO

In this exhibition, we featured Mino-rooted artists making advanced efforts all over the world.

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Art Brut Mino

"Art Brut" is French translated as "Outsider Art" in English.
The works express the pure hearts of people with disabilities living in this ceramic production area.
Non-handicapped people and people with disabilities are connected together through ceramic arts.

state of event

Tile Construction Competition 2014

This project aims to enhance the versatility and the value of the tiles themselves, and is tied in with interior design magazines.
It's a competition of excellent examples of construction projects built with tiles.

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Rookie Competition

We invited designs and ideas for Minoyaki products.
The work of the grand prix was produced by making it into actual products and selling them.
The Award Ceremony and Announcement of the New Product were held during the festival.

state of event

Red Carpet ’14 ~Minoyaki Product Review and Showcase~

Presentations by companies of Mino ceramics products for end users.

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Mosaic Tile Workshop

The applicants could experience breaking tiles into small pieces and creating coasters of their own.
There were many cute and beautiful mosaic tiles for sale, too.
The workshop was held every Saturday during the festival.

MINO TILE CAFÉ ~ ka ki ku ke ko ~

In a space decorated with locally manufactured tiles, we provided local cuisine and sweets on Minoyaki plates every day during the festival.Local chefs took turns operating the cafe every week.

Memorial Exhibition of International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan

Commemorating the 10th "International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan Exhibition", we looked back at the competitions in the past with pictures that clearly explained them.
This memorial exhibition is based on the stories of people who have been involved in this great project including the social conditions of those days.

The 3rd Okute Abandoned School Project - The Palms of 20 -

Okute Abandoned School is standing quietly in the mountains.
This is an exhibition organized by various artists, mainly in the ceramic arts, taking place in this abandoned school.
We aim be the place for the publication of new artists' works, encounters, and culture and to promote industrial products from Okute.

Night Museum Akari Art Exhibition

We had a contest of ceramic lanterns and an exhibition of illuminated ceramic lanterns.
Fantastic lanterns lit up this special evening at Ceramics Park MINO.
Also, fantastic Akari Concerts took place on those days.

Tableware Coordination Contest ~ Japanese Style Dining Table with Minoyaki ~

The Tableware Coordination Contest and Exhibition took place including rich variations of Minoyaki.
Also we set up theme tables to welcome visitors and a sales booth of Minoyaki in the exhibition.

Welcome Mall

It's the Entrance Gallery Walk, where we welcome visitors to Ceramics Park MINO, the main venue of the festival.
We introduced the great things about Gifu Prefecture, cities of Tajimi, Mizunami, and Toki using huge panels.

Junior Ceramics Festival ~ Beautiful Melody Played on the Ocarina ♪ ~

We hold a concert performed by elementary school students of cities of Tajimi, Mizunami and Toki.
They played Mino ceramic ocarinas they painted on their own.

The great Mino Yokai Encyclopedia ~ Collaboration with Other Local Festivals ~

It's an event going around local festivals in the cities of Tajimi, Mizunami and Toki while playing a game.

Tea Ceremony & Display and Sales of Mino Ceramic Artists

In the Tea ceremony, visitors could enjoy matcha green tea served in the main outstanding Minoyaki tea bowls, such as Shino and Oribe.
An exhibition and sale by prominent artists belonging to the Mino Ceramic Art Association were held as well.

Japan-Korea Friendship Korean Food and Culture

We hold a collaboration seminar between the Korean food and culture and Minoyaki as an international exchange.
Suggestions for cooking are given by Korean cooking experts using Minoyaki.
Korean specialties were sold during the day.

Minoyaki Alleys

It's a walk-about-town event 'Minoyaki Alleys' for those that would enjoy a sensual walk around kiln-equipped pottery workshops and surrounding tourist spots in the factory district.
The program took place by harmonizing the event 'Minoyaki Alleys' with the International Ceramics Festival.