International Ceramics Festival ’17 MINO,Japan took place

It was held from September 15, 2017 to October 22, 2017 for 38days.
After 1986, it has been continuously held as a triennale, and the 11th event was held in 2017.
With two main components, which are traditional and formal International Ceramics Competition Min and Project for Regional Industrial Promotion , the event was great and lively. We will introduce a part of the event.

The 11th International Ceramics Competition Mino, JAPAN Exhibition

state of the venue
Venue / Ceramics Park MINO, Exhibition Hall
This is a world-wide competition held with the aim of promoting the further development of ceramic industry and culture through the intentional exchange of ceramic design and culture. Works suggesting innovative ideas and exploring the future of ceramics were collected not only from Japan but also from all over the world.

Scenes From The Last Event(Promoting Industrial Products)

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Industrial Promotion Competition

Restaurants and cafes in Japan and abroad worked with Mino-yaki trading companies and dinnerware makers. With using the trading companies' ability to propose ideas and the makers’ technological know-how, they created the "ideal dinnerware" that presents restaurants’ cuisine in the best way possible. We displayed examples of this ideal dinnerware. Based on the election results of the visitors, we announced those that were popular or brought empathy.

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Minoyaki with Japanese Food

Providing eating space on the roof floor, a head chef who has received starred reviews in the Michelin guide presented authentic Japanese food with a focus on local ingredients, served on authentic Mino-yaki created by local potteries.

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Art Brut Mino

This is the 3rd time and this time a large number of artists who came not only from the ceramics producing region of Tono, but from all corners of Gifu Prefecture participated to create pieces. Their impulsive creativity was visible in the diverse works, which include ceramics, calligraphy, and paintings.

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Mino Tile Street

We hold a tour exhibition of mosaic exhibition 2017 by mosaic conference aiming at popularization and development of mosaic art. We displayed works selected from Mosaic Exhibition held in Yokohama. In cooperation with a local tile company, we created a table with the tiles which are usually used for exterior walls and flooring. Visitors enjoyed viewing the tiles on the tables.

state of event

The 11th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan

It is one of the four biggest ceramic competitions in the world. We have received amazing 2,466 works from 60 countries and areas. Through the first examination by image and the final examination by actual pieces, judges chose 16 winning works and approximately 125 honorable mentions, and they were displayed at the exhibition hall during the event.

Here’s Pottery

We examined the landscape of a pottery production region and how pottery culture took root and grew in this area. We introduced the story behind them. We made free papers which introduce pottery culture developed in Tokai area and distributed them to visitors.

Event for Children

To promote the attendance of parents and children, and for the purpose of making the events for children suitable for the festival, work training experience, food education LIVE, and other workshops were held. In the workshop, we offered hands-on pottery glazing and creation of tile coasters.


We displayed works created by current students and 58 graduated students of Senkouka of Tajimi Technical High School. We provided an environment in which graduated students of 1997 and currents students could develop through friendly competition by examining closely each other's work.

2017 New Mino Ware Exhibition

Members of the Gifu Prefecture Ceramic Industry Cooperative Association developed and exhibited new works. We also selected each award in the form of a contest. "New Ceramic Fair Gifu 2017" and "Mino-yaki tile exhibition" were held simultaneously.

Souvenir Produce

Making special products used local ingredients and traditional cuisine collaborate with Mino-yaki, we produced new souvenirs that revitalize the regions in each of the three cities. The souvenirs were used as gifts for stamp rally and questionnaires.

The 3rd Okute Tsukurute

Okutecho is a scenic and historic village that prospered as an inn town on the old Nakasendo Road. Here, ceramic artists and other craftspeople gathered to run workshops and displayed and sold their creations. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with the artists and local residents in the set of the backdrop of Okutecho's old-style streets.

Welcome Mall

At the entrance of the main venue, three dome tents were connected, and a tunnel-type object with the image of a climbing kiln was set up. The first tent was filled with firewood about 1.5m, and the second and third tents showed unglazed and finished potteries respectively, explaining the procedure of baking with the text.

Join a tea ceremony!

The purpose was to have visitors experience the tea ceremony, which is a traditional Japanese culture, and get in touch with Japanese culture and pottery culture.

Enjoy green tea!

It was held for the purpose of having visitors experience how to make sencha (middle-grade green tea) and taste and get in touch with Japanese tea and pottery culture. In addition, we gave visitors an opportunity to see and use the teapots of the 4 pottery production areas in the Chubu district. Visitors could feel the feature and experience the rich pottery culture of these regions.

GL21 Creating Earth-friendly pottery

"We introduced and exhibited the activities of GL21 (Green Life 21), formed around Mino-yaki related companies for the purpose of making a framework of recourse recycling type ceramics production to create new ceramics by reusing discarded ceramics as raw materials, We proposed and exhibited new product made from the recycled clay by two young ceramic designers."

Ceramic Collection -Flowing-

With the theme of fusion of ceramics and fashion, models wore clothes and accessories inspired by Mino-yaki. This was a new kind of fashion show that incorporated performances by ceramic artists.


The fusion of "Mino-yaki", which we boasts the largest production volume in Japan, and "local sake", which Mino country is proud of. Held at theTajimi Station, the entrance of International Ceramics Festival Mino. Visitors chose their favorite sake cup and get local sake with tile coins. In addition, with the cooperation of the restaurant (16 stores) around the venue, we made a bar hopping map for Visitors to enjoy Tajimi more.

Open Factory

We carried out Tono Open Factory to invite tourists from inside and outside the Tono area with converting factories and related factories into tourism resources. This event also made the area attractive by enhancing human resource development of the people who work there, manufacturing, and the ability of companies to send information or to propose project. At each factory, visitors knew how they think about toward manufacturing and visited factories.