Yoshitomo Nara

Hidetoshi Nakata

General Producer of Intemational Ceramics Festival’17 Mino Japan

Hidetoshi Nakata played in 3 World Cups held in France (1998), Japan-Korea (2002) and Germany (2006).
After the world cup in Germany, he retired from professional soccer.

After his retirement, he traveled to more than 100 countries and areas. In 2008, he started "TAKE ACTION! 2008+1", a campaign to help solve world issues.
In 2009, the TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION was founded

From 2009, he started travelling to the 47 prefectures of Japan.
This was the trigger for the founding of a project to support Japanese traditional culture and crafts.

He took part in the promotion of Minoyaki in the soccer game held in Brazil and at the Milan World Expo.

Since 2003, he has been the CBO of Tohato Inc.

At the "GOLDEN FOOT AWARD LEGEND of 2014", he became the first Asian winner of "All Time Legend".

He is also currently the FIFA Goodwill Ambassador.

In 2015, he established the "JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY Inc." and is carrying out activities to promote the attractiveness of Japanese sake.