Claudia Casali

Claudia Casali

Art Historian / Director of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (Italy).

Degree in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage, specialization in History of contemporary art and aesthetic at the University of the Studies in Udine, plus Doctorate (PhD) in the aesthetic field, contemporary art and art critic.

In 1997 she started a collaboration as art historian and critic with the Modern Art Gallery in Verona, the GAM in Bologna (the contemporary MAMBO), the MAR in Ravenna and since 2011 she has been managing the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza.

She collaborated with several international museums, taking part to art competitions and commissions for the selection of prizes, in particular in the ceramic field, such as Keskemet Prize (Hungary), the Westerwald Prize (Germany), the Danish Prize (Denmark), the Gmunden Symposium (Austria), Ceramics Academy of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Icheon Biennale Symposium (Korea), Mino International Ceramic Competition (Japan), Latvian Ceramic Biennale (Latvia), Future Makers Award Kilkenny (Ireland), Franz Rising Star Project (Taiwan), Biennale Vallauris (France), Blanc de Chine (China).
Since 2011, she is the responsible of the International Competition “Faenza Prize”, the longlasting competition in the world devoted to ceramic art (active since 1938) and she is the Director of “Faenza” the oldest review devoted to ceramic research (founded in 1913).

She often has experiences as lecturers at international symposiums, she curated different exhibitions in Europe and China, she curated books devoted to contemporary art and ceramic art and she constantly follows with a particular care the evolution of contemporary languages of the ceramic art, focusing on new talented and young artists.
She collaborates with art reviews and, in general, with communication and media focused on art. She teaches history of the art, history of ceramic art and museum disciplines for training course post-degree.