We have now released the application procedures of the 12th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan !



The International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan, is the main event of the International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan, which is held with the aim of supporting the growth of the ceramics industry and the enhancement of culture through the global exchange of ceramics design and culture. The first Festival was held in 1986, and this will be the 12th such event.
Internationally renowned people judge our competition every time. In the last competition we had amazing 2,466 entries from 1,337 applicants coming from 60 countries and areas around the world, and the high level of scope and quality made our ceramics competition truly the representative of the world today.
About 180 excellent works, selected from the competition, will be exhibited at Ceramics Park MINO of Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture from September to October 2020. We hope to welcome as many guests as possible to view the competition, not only from Japan, but also from all over the world.
Recently, we see new developments in the ceramics industry by introduction of new materials, technologies, and moves towards more borderless fields. We look for entries that suggest us more unconventional ideas and explore the future generation of the ceramic arts.
Application Period Starts: Friday, November 1, 2019
Ends : Friday, January 10, 2020
Grand Prix        (1work) /5,000,000 yen ※1 entry form either Ceramic Arts Category or Ceramics Design Category.
Gold Award        (1work) /2,000,000 yen ※1 entry form either Ceramic Arts Category or Ceramics Design Category.
Silver Award       (3works) /1,000,000 yen ※1 entry form Ceramic Arts Category,1 entry form each field of  Ceramics Design Category.
Bronze Award      (4works) /500,000 yen  ※2 entries form Ceramic Arts Category,1 entry form each  field of Ceramics Design Category.
Special Judges’ Award (10works)/100,000   yen ※5 entries form Ceramic Arts Category,5 entries form Ceramics Design Category.
Sakazaki Shigeo Ceramics Award* (2works)500,000 yen※1 entry form Ceramic Arts Category,1 entry form Ceramics Design Category.
Honorable Mention  Approx. 180works

※ The Grand Prix winner will be invited to attend the awards ceremony and the competition organizers will bear the expense of it.
※ All award winning works will become the property of the competition organizers until March 31, 2021 and afterwards the  Grand Prix and Gold Award winning works will be kept at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu.
※ Prize money is subject to taxation.
※ All award winners and honorable mentions will be presented with a photographic catalog of the event. Corporate applicants will be given two catalogs, one for the organization and one for the individual representing the company.
* The Sakazaki Shigeo Ceramics Award has been established with the aim of producing talented young artists.This prize is awarded to an individual applicant who is 40 years old or younger when the application period ends.
Theme “Where Ceramics Go”
Entries should go beyond traditional concepts in a way that is imaginative and inspired—one that opens the door to the future of ceramic arts.
Entry Categories ■Ceramic Arts
   Ceramic pieces that incorporate creative ideas and techniques.
■Ceramics Design
 ①Factory Field
   Factory products with practical functions
 ②Studio Field
   Studio(individual) products with practical functions
 ※ ①Application by company /Application by  individual and group belonging to company
   ②Individual and group application
Entry Requirements ①Being a work mainly made of ceramics.
②Produced after the 11th International Ceramics Competition
  Mino, Japan.
③Not selected in other competitions.
④Entries are limited to those whose size, shape, and weight do not hinder their ability to be shipped or displayed indoors.
(The standard entry size: floor space 4 m² or less, height 4 m or less)
Applicant Qualifications None. The competition is open to individuals, groups, and companies.
Number of Entries Each applicant may submit up to three (3) entries in each category.
Entry Fee Applicants are not required to pay an entry fee.
Judging The competition is judged over the course of 3 stages.
Stage Medium Judging Method
Images Individual members of the judging panel select pieces to go on to the first stage.
First Stage Images The judging panel works together to select pieces to go on to the final stage.
Final Stage Actual Pieces The judging panel works together to select pieces to be awarded prizes and honorable mentions.

※ No applicant information (name, address, history, etc.) will be disclosed to the panel throughout the entire judging process.
※ Applicants that pass the first stage of judging will be required to ship their pieces or deliver them by themselves to the organizer by a specific deadline.
※ In the final stage, if the imported work is damaged during shipping,it may be excluded.
Exhibition All award winning and honorable mention works  will be displayed in an exhibition at the 12th International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan between September 18 and October 18, 2020 and will be included in a photographic catalog of the event and featured on the International Ceramics Festival Mino website.
Application Procedures
1.Online(Application starts:Friday,November 1,2019)
2.Via post (Application form and CD-R)
Contact Executive Committee Office
International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan
Ceramics Park MINO
4-2-5 Higashi-machi, Tajimi City, Gifu, 507-0801,Japan
TEL:+81-572-25-4111 FAX:+81-572-25-4138


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