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MINO Re-Lunch

MINO Re-Lunch

~This event is now closed.~

September 17 (Fri.) – October 17 (Sun.) (Advance reservation required) Ceramics Park MINO 2F Restaurant (3,000yen)

A special menu supervised for the first time by the famous restaurant "Yanagiya" in Mizunami City, Gifu will be served on Eco-friendly recycled tableware "Re-SHOKKI". "Yanagiya" was listed as a two-star restaurant in the "Michelin Guide Aichi, Gifu, Mie 2019 Special Edition". Ceramics and pottery are made from a exhaustible natural resource called "potter's clay". In order to preserve this precious natural resource for the future and create an eco-friendly tableware cycle, producers in the Higashi Mino region took the lead in creating "Re-SHOKKI".