The International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan'05


The International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan'05


International exchange of soil and flame
-From You, From Now, From Here. -

Honorary Chairman

His Imperial Highness, Prince Katsura

Executive Committee President

Governor of Gifu Prefecture Hajime Furuta

Executive Committee Chairman

Mayor of Tajimi City Masaya Nishidera

Period of Exhibition

July 1 (Fri) to August 31 (Wed) 2005 (62days)


Ceramics Park MINO and other places

Admission Fees

  Joint Pass Adults Senior
Advance 1,300yen 600yen 300yen
Doors 1,900yen 900yen 400yen

Project Outline

Main Projects
  • The 7th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
  • Symposium
  • Designer In MINO’05
  • The Microcosm in a Tea Cup “New Discovery of Japanese Tea”
  • ORIBEX2005 Table Coordinate Contest
  • Minoyaki Special Market
  • Mino Rakuichi Rakuza Free Market/ Sales of Specialty Goods of Gifu
  • Exhibition and Sales of Minoyaki Makers
  • Summer Festival in MINO
  • Exhibition of Sue New Products
  • Lessons for Ceramic Making

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The International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan'05 Executive Committee

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Gifu Prefecture/Tajimi City/Mizunami City/Toki City/Kasahara Cho/Federation of Japan Pottery Manufacturers' co-operative Associations/Japan Pottery Wholesale Co-operative Unions/Japan Tile Industry Co-operative Association/Federation of Gifu Ceramic Industry/The Tajimi Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ The Mizunami Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ The Toki Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Kasahara Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Gifu Pottery Industry Co-operative Association /Gifu Pottery Wholesale Co-operative Association/ Gifu Tile Wholesale Co-operative Association/ Gifu Ceramics Material Association /Gifu Plaster Mold Manufacturers’ Co-operative Association/ Gifu Ceramics Design Council/ Gifu Ceramic Designers’ Association/ Gifu Oil Wholesale Association Tajimi Branch/Gifu Trucking Association Tono Branch/ Mino Ceramic Art Association/Gifu Institute of Invention and Innovation Tajimi Branch/Tajimi Constructors’ Association/ /Junior Chamber International Tajimi/Junior Chamber International Mizunami/ Junior Chamber International Toki/Tajimi Mino Pottery Museum/Tajimi International Exchange Association /Ceramic Park Mino

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