What is the International Ceramics Festival MINO?

The “International Ceramics Festival MINO, Japan” is the biggest ceramics triennale in the world that has been held from 1986 in Tajimi city, Mizunami city, Toki city and Kani city of Gifu prefecture, which are national special production areas of ceramics.
With the main theme “The international exchange over the clay and the flame”, we supported further growth of the ceramics industry and enhancement of culture through the global exchange of ceramics design and ceramics culture.

The main event “The International Ceramics Competition MINO, Japan” is the ceramics competition recognized internationally and numerous works from countries and regions of all over the world get together. In addition, many other projects which are based on ceramics industry, region and culture of 4 cities are held so that our guests can feel and appreciate the history and attractiveness of Mino-yaki and also climate of this region.

What is the International Ceramics Festival MINO?


Basic Information


From You, From Now, From Here.

Honorary President


Executive Committee president

Governor of Gifu Prefecture Hajime Furuta

Executive Committee Chairman

Mayor of Tajimi City Masanori Furukawa


International Ceramics Festival Mino, Executive Committee Office

Period of Exhibition

October 18 (Thu.) to November 17 (Sun.), 2024 for 31 days


Ceramics Park MINO,etc.

Admission Fee


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International Ceramics Festival Mino Japan, Executive Committee

Affiliated Organizations

Gifu Prefecture/Tajimi City/Mizunami City/Toki City/Kani City/Federation of Japan Pottery Manufacturers' Co-operative Associations/Japan Pottery Wholesale Co-operative Unions/Japan Tile Manufacturers’ Association/Federation of Gifu Pottery Industry/The Tajimi Chamber of Commerce and Industry/The Mizunami Chamber of Commerce and Industry/The Toki Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Kasahara Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Gifu Pottery Industry Co-operative Association/Gifu Pottery Wholesale Co-operative Association/Gifu Tile Wholesale Co-operative Association/Gifu Ceramics Material Association/Gifu Plaster Mold Manufacturers’ Co-operative Association/Gifu Ceramic Design Council/Gifu Ceramic Designers’ Association/Gifu Oil Wholesale Association Tajimi Branch/Mino Ceramic Art Association/JETRO Gifu/Gifu Institute of Invention and Innovation Tajimi Branch/Tajimi Constructors’ Association/Junior Chamber International Tajimi/Junior Chamber International Mizunami/Junior Chamber International Toki/Tajimi Mino Pottery Museum/Tajimi International Exchange Association/Ceramics Park MINO Foundation/Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd/Ceramic Valley Mino Japan

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